Higher Technician in Development of Web Applications

Higher Technician in Development of Web Applications

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The holder of this diploma will have acquired the General Competence with regard to:

Developing, implementing and maintaining web applications, irrespective of the model used and using specific technologies, guaranteeing secure access to data and complying with the accessibility, usability and quality criteria required by established standards. Within this framework, the PROFESSIONAL MODULES and their respective LEARNING OUTCOMES acquired by the holder are listed below:
  • “Computer Systems”
  • “Databases”
  • “Programming”
  • “Markup Language and Information Management Systems”
  • “Development Environments”
  • “Web Development in Client Environment”
  • “Web Development in Server Environment”
  • “Web Applications Display”
  • “WEB Interfaces Design”
  • “Project on Development of Web Applications”
  • “Professional Training and Guidance”
  • “Business and Entrepreneurial Initiative”
  • “On the Job Training”


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Computer systems 5h 160h 10h
Data bases 5h 160h 12h
Programming 8h 256h 14h
Markup languages 3h 96h 7h
Development environments 3h 96h 6h
Professional training and guidance 3h 96h 5h
English 3h 96h  
Web development in client environment 7h 140h 9h
Web development in server environment 8h 160h 12h
Web applications display 4h 80h 5h
Web interfaces design 6h 120h 9h
Business initiative 3h 60h 4h
English 2h 40h  
Project   40h 5h
On the job training   400h 22h
TOTAL     2.000h  

(*) - European Credit Transfer System