Higher Technician in Radiotherapy and Dosimetry

General competence
Administer radiotherapy treatments in accordance to medical prescription, preparing patients for the therapy, complying with dosimetry and radioprotection rules as well as with the radioactive facilities regulations specific to the relevant unit, organizing and programming work under criteria of quality of service and optimisation of the available resources, and administering and managing the technical and health information of the service/unit, under appropriate supervision.
   Competence units
 1.Organising and managing, at the appropriate level, the relevant work area within the unit/office.
 2. Receiving patients and providing them with technical assistance during their stay at the simulation unitin ratiotherapy.
 3. Administering teletherapy treatments: cobalt radiation therapy, particle accelerators and low and
medium power Rx, under appropriate supervision.
   4. Assisting the medical practitioner in the preparation and administration of brachytherapy treatments.
5. Applying and checking the radiation-protection measures in units where ionising radiation is used for medical-therapeutical purposes, under appropriate supervision.