Technician in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy

The holder of this diploma will have acquired the General Competence with regard to:
Assisting in dispensing and making pharmaceutical products and those specifically related to the same, and sell parapharmaceutical products, encouraging the promotion of health and carrying out administrative and stock control tasks, complying with the specifications of quality, safety and environmental protection.

Course Subjects:

Arrangement and sale of products 1 3h 96h
Dispensing parapharmacy products 1 7h 224h
Elementary laboratory operations 1 8h 256h
Health promotion 1 4h 128h
Anatomophysiology and basic pathologies 1 3h 96h
English language 1 2h 64h
Professional Training and guidance 1 3h 96h
Pharmacy management 1 7h 154h
Dispensing pharmaceutical products 2 8h 176h
Magistral formulation 2 7h 154h
First aid 2 3h 66h
Business and entrepreneurial Initiative 2 3h 66h
English 2 2h 44h
On the job training 2   380h
TOTAL     2.000h