Technician in Commercial Activities

The students of Commercial Activities studies learn to carry out activities of marketing and distribution of goods and/or services, managing small business, applying quality and safety regulations as well as complying with the legislation in force.

These courses can also be attended in its semi-distance learning option.

The subjects of the course are:

Marketing in the Commercial Activity 4h 128h
Purchasing management 3h 96h
Stimulation of Points of Sale 5h 160h
Sales Processes 5h 160h
Computer Software for Trading 4h 128h
English 4h 128h
Professional Training and Guidance 3h 96h
Horario reservado para la docencia en inglés 2h 64hh
Small Business Management 8h 176h
Storage Techniques 5h 110h
Technical Sales 6h 132h
Commercial Care Services 4h 88h
E-commerce 5h 110h
English 2h 44h
On the Job training   380h
TOTAL     2.000h


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